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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a Girl!

So one of my best friends told me to update our blog, and it is true we have been lax in the blog updating category here lately. We just realized yesterday that Elizabeth Anne will be here in only 4 months and one week...if she doesn't arrive early since she already weighs a pound and is measuring 9 days ahead of schedule! We are so super excited that it is a girl...though we would have been just as happy with a is just awesome to be having a girl so that my dad FINALLY has a granddaughter after 8 grandsons, and everyone in our family is so super excited. It is also rare that we are having a girl because most IUI babies are boys according to our doctor, so that makes it extra special. We have not gotten the nursery put together yet, but are about to start working on it...we went out and bought tons of cute outfits last week when we found out she is a girl! That was a ton of fun! This weekend we are going to do our registries for our baby showers(Sher's Best friend Stephanie is throwing us one and they are having one for us at my job also). We are so putting EVERYTHING on the registry-especially at Babies R Us because if you don't get the things on your registry after your shower you can go and buy them and save 10%...and we think that we will soon be needing to save every 10% that we can! At any rate we are super excited and hope to post more about the baby soon.

This has also been a very difficult few weeks for us, due to the fact that we found out that Sher's dad has cancer and then the doctors said it is terminal...we are still praying for a miracle and know that everything-especially the timing is in God's hands. Her dad is also super excited that we are having a girl...he said this will be his first granddaughter in 23 years, and he is always telling me to take care of myself and the baby! He is so funny because he is like you should not be carrying that, you should not be doing that and it is so funny and I am always like I am totally fine. Gotta love her dad though because he really cares! He is one of the people out of both of our families who really cares and shows that he cares. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers-there can never be enough prayer!

Anyways I will close this for now and will update hopefully more frequently throughout the next four months. Take care!