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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sandy's 2 cents!

So, as Sher has already told you all, it is Quads! I can imagine how big I am gonna be through all of this. I already look like I did when I was about 5 months pregnant with Lizzy and I am only 8 weeks! This is one huge blessing, and I know that for me it is going to cause me to find patience where I have not had it for a long time. I am going to have to relinquish a lot of control over things that I normally take care of, because these things 1. stress me out, and 2. I really can't carry and do the things I am used to doing. Like right now, I can pack a box, but when it is done and the tape has been sealed, I have to rely on someone else to actually move the box for me. This is hard because I have never been a weakling, and as long as Sher has been hurt, I have been the one having to do all of the heavy lifting in our household...for my straight friends, it is almost like if your husband were the one pregnant and wasn't able to do anything. Do not get me wrong I am not saying I am the "husband" in our relationship, but I am not a weak woman either, so with the odds being that I will have to go on bed rest in a few months, this leaves me somewhat at a loss of what to do. We are finally closing on our own home and I had hoped to be able to do some projects on the house, but now it appears I may not even be able to go shopping for the nursery stuff, unless we are ordering it online...I have to depend on other people to help me, and I am totally blessed that we have some friends and family who are embracing this change we are going through and who are willing to literally do the heavy lifting of our furniture and other things to help us move into our new home. I have to pray a lot about finances because when I have to go out on bed rest I won't be getting all of my pay, and that is really hard, especially with 4 new babies on the way and a 2 year old depending on our income. I have never really been one to have to ask for assistance, but I have been paying taxes all of these years, so I guess I will finally have to be one of those people who have to ask for help, at least until I can get back to work. That in and of itself is really humbling to me. I don't see that we would be in this situation if it were just a single baby on the way, and even with twins, but with four, this is so life changing. At the same time, our doc had to tell us about the option of selective reduction, and I just could not do that. I can not see myself having a doctor go in and cut off the blood flow to one of my babies. If this means that I have to struggle, then so be it, because I will not, not, not voluntarily reduce my babies. I feel truly that if the Lord has brought us to this, then we have to trust that HE will also see us through this. It is meant to be this way, and now once we get moved, we are on to trying to figure out the nursery, names and trying to do what I can until they stick me on bed rest. I am just going to take the best care of myself and these babies as I can, to keep them in as long as I can, and enjoy these last few months with Lizzy all on her own. She may be in the terrible two's and be as frustrating as possible at times, but she is getting so big so fast, and soon she is going to have to adapt to so many changes, that I want to be able to cherish these days before the new babies get here. Until next time...have a great one...


Did we mention how much we hate moving... I am so glad this is our last move for years and I mean years! We already know at some point we will need to upgrade our home!

We are packing and packing and trashing stuff and packing some more. We sign on our first home on 3/29/12 (Elizabeth and Quads Aunt Loni birthday)! We will be moving that weekend...

Then the fun really starts and that is making one huge nursery and organizing a house to make it child proof for 5 kiddos!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Adventure of Quads

So were having Quadruplets... Really Quads... Were going to two moms of 5 children. This is something we have never even though. But here we are about to make this huge exciting and scary journey. My biggest thoughts is what is Elizabeth going to think when we have 4 new babies at home! We thought she was our wildest adventure now we know she just broke us in for 4 more lol! So as I am reading blogs of other quad moms its making me feel a little better! We know its going to be a long road and we know the babies are going to come early! Now its just the preparing a nursery for four! If we have at least one girl half of Lizzy room will be half of her little sister(s) room too! I cant hardly wait till we find out the gender so we can start more planning! Now in the mean while we will go through lots of ultrasounds and lots of doctor appointments. However we have an awesome doc so us going in seeing her and the girls in the office will be great! I just want to make sure were prepared as much as possible so Elizabeth transits to these changes well! I am going to go back to work part time to help supplement our income until Sandy has the babies then maybe again when the babies come home it will just depend on how much we save between now and then! Because God knows daycare for 5 kiddos would be expensive because here for one its 800 a month.

Sandy is getting bigger by the day and at night you can deff see what looks like two bulges and her tummy poking out and its hard... I will start posting pictures weekly of the progress. I will also be posting pictures of the ultrasounds as we get them... I love seeing our little pumpkin seeds =)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Babies!

So today we went in for a better ultrasound! We are having QUADS yes you seen it correctly QUADS! All four seem to be growing correctly and has a heartbeat! Now the crazy part to plan for QUADS! Here are the ultrasound pics...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So on 3/20/12 we had our first doc appt and ultrasound. We were totally shocked to find out that we are having triplets oh and maybe quads. We had 4 sacs and 3 growing babies with 3 heartbeats... Every emotion you can think of we have had! We already love our babies though! Ill add pics of the new little ones.. However we only have pics of Baby A and B we will get the other soon! So.... We are having another ultrasound done on 3/22/12 and hopefully know more and will have more pics... Stay tuned!