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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now 2yrs later....

So I logged in and just seen we have not blogged since we posted pictures of Elizabeth baby room!

A lot of changes has happened since then... Lizzy is now 2! Yes 2! She is getting to be such a big girl singing her ABC's and counting to 10 all of the time. In the mist of these two years Lizzy has cam through a lot of milestones and she is such a smart and sweet little girl! In those two years I lost my father! We have been to Disney World! Life has overall been pretty good!

Now to some more news... Elizabeth will be a BIG SISTER! Yes, a big sister! We found out on 2/24/2012 officially that Sandy is pregnant with baby no.2 and we could not be any happier... She actually got a BFP on 5DPO it was very faint and we had blood work that could have went either way... Now we had it checked at 11DPO and our doc office said "Your deff very pregnant and there is no need to repeat blood work." We do have our first ultrasound on March 20th so look for peanut pictures then!