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Monday, July 16, 2012

24 Week- Milestone #1 down!

     We made it to 24 weeks yesterday!  A huge milestone for anyone expecting quads.  Our next big milestone is at 28 Weeks, just four weeks away.  The babies are all still looking great and my OB says I am doing better than expected at this point.  She said usually there is one who is not a big as the others and is markedly smaller, but all of ours are about the same size and all over one pound as of our last growth scan!  Last week I was basically stuck on house arrest for the duration or until I am admitted to the hospital.  It might sound like a picnic, but if you ask any quad mama or anyone else who has been put on real bedrest, it isn't as fun as it sounds.  On the way to my appointment today I could tell a definite difference.  It is not all peachy keen anymore.  The aches and pains are coming more and more and every time I get up out of a chair I seem to have a contraction, albeit a Braxton-Hix contraction, but still get the tightening and it is uncomfortable.  Today when they checked my cervix it seemed like it might have gotten shorter, so they had to check by ultrasound.  Apparently it is still 4cm and the doctors think this is still a really good sign.  My preterm nurse wasn't sure if they were gonna stick me in the hospital for the duration today or not, because one of the doctors over there will put you in at 24 weeks but the one who was there today was like nah we will just see how she does.  On the glucose front...I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes again this pregnancy, though not much of a  shocker, since my body could not produce enough insulin with one baby and the likelihood is much higher for gestational when you have HOM. They keep having to up my dosage of medication and would not be surprised if this time I end up on insulin.  They say it can happen.  As of today I am taking 2 Glyburide pills in the morning before breakfast, and 3 in the evening before dinner.  They say they can up it to like 4 pills in the morning and 4 at night, but anything past that would have to be switched to insulin, so we will see in the coming weeks.
     On the naming front, we have our boys names definitely picked out, but our girls are still up in the air a bit.  I think one will be Brooklynn Elaine and the other we really cannot come to a decision is frustrating lol...Our boys are definitely going to be Kyle Bryan-as any good Aggie name should be ;) and our other will be Kade Barron.  Barron was their granddad's middle name, and unfortunately we lost him in 2010.  Sher had such a strong relationship with her Daddy that we want to honor him by naming one of our boys partly after him.  Kyle Bryan has no family significance, except that this mommy is an Aggie and I always said that if I ever had a boy I would name him Kyle Bryan.  Kyle after Kyle Field-Home of Fighting Texas Aggie Football, and Bryan as in Bryan-College Station home of Texas A&M University!  I feel sure our baby girls' names will come together soon though.  At any rate, for now things are still looking good.  I will try to update next week after our next growth scan to let everyone know how big they are.  As for me, this week I measured 53cm which is like being 13 weeks overdue with a single baby...and the growth continues...not sure how much further I can poke out without starting to go, but stay tuned...Sher is gonna take some pics of my belly and post them so you can all see what I am talking about...Have a good one...



Angela Rubio said...

You know that will give both the boys the same initials which will make it harder when they start school..speaking from experience of twin your doing good

Mum of 5 to be said...

Yay for making it to 'V' day! I'm 28 weeks now with the trio and feeling great. I have also been diagnosed with GD, which I haven't had in previous pregnancies. Can't wait to see some pics!