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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You want me to eat what!!???

You want me to eat WHAT?!?!  These were the thoughts that ran through my head last Tuesday when I had my appointment with the Nutritionist over at the Perinatologist's office when she told me in no uncertain terms that she wants me to be eating 2800-3000 calories a day and gaining at least 50lbs!  I knew I would need to put on weight with the quads, but I was NOT expecting to hear a dietician tell my overweight self that she wants me to eat 3000 calories a day!  Along with the 3000 calories, it must be broken into 20 OUNCES of protein a day...that is so much protein that I feel sick...this is so many calories that I get tired of looking at food.  I mean I know I was not a skinny girl before this pregnancy, but I know I never ate this much food.  Let's talk about the water I have to drink least 128ounces of water a day!  So I am going to float away haha...It is amazing the things we do for our children.  I feel like I am having to eat us out of house and home...and I don't think I will EVER look at food the same way again...I just look at the protein content first and see if it is high in protein I will eat it...calcium is needed as well, and so are veggies and fruits, and whole grains and cereal...I swear it is like I have to eat a meal every couple of hours to get all of this in for the day...I just keep telling myself it is not forever and it is for the babies...but it sure is a lot...I hope one day my kiddos look back on this and realize what mom went through to make sure we were healthy and I hope they appreciate it!  All I know is after they get here, mom is going on a serious diet and exercise program to get this excess weight off...I think it may only include a couple of protein shakes and one meal a day...because right now I am eating enough meals to not even want any for a long long time! =)  Hope everyone else is doing well!


Jess said...

OMG, how do they exspecct you to eat all that and drink all that water a day. OMG, that is way too much!

Jess said...

excuse my typo.

Manczak-Taft fam said...

Jess, I know! It is so much...I keep telling Sher...I don't really WANT to eat anymore and the thought of food just makes me sick, but I keep plugging along lol...waiting for the day that they tell me to slow down because I have gestational...apparently that is why they want me to eat so much now, because if gestational sets in I will have to be super strict to keep my blood sugar in the mean time they want me to gain the weight super fast!

Mum of 5 to be said...

Wow! I am hearing you! I'm 17 weeks with triplets and have been told I should be over 100kg (not sure what the conversion is). Forcing the food down my throat, the water isn't too hard on days that are still warm, but we are heading in to winter in Australia so it is going to be super hard soon. Glad to hear all is well!