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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unofficial Genders

So Sandy had her first Preterm appt this past Monday.  She will no longer be working after this coming Friday.  She can work 2 weeks for only 4hrs then she is out of work until after that babies arrive. She was not ready for the first cervix check then... But its all still going good!  Her uterus high cervix is long and closed!  All Good!  Sounds odd but all good in the quad land!  To our surprise we get an ultrasound after each appointment and we will have these weekly!  Fluid levels are good! YAY!  

The tech then says do we know "genders" yet and we said no the little ones kept their legs closed the entire gender scan.  So she said this is unofficial because we have a gender scan on the 11th.  So from what she told us were having...
Baby A: Girl
Baby B: Boy... She was only 85% sure of this she said she seen boy parts but the little guy kept playing with the cord so she couldn't tell 95% sure which she likes to be about 95% sure.
Baby C: Girl
Baby D: Boy

We cant tell you how excited we are to have two little girls and two little boys!  
Our boys names will be Kade Barron and Kyle Bryan!  The girls we are up in the air... We like Allyson Nadine and I like Hope and Faith, Marina and Marah.... The list goes on and on and on... 

Lizzy is excited about being a big sister!  We often think what will go through her mind when she sees them for the first time.. She kisses Sandy belly 4 times daily saying I am your big sister and I love you babies!  We know time will tell and when she has them at home it will be an adjustment period for her and everyone!  I do believe that she will be an amazing big sister!  I am making shirts for the little ones and some overalls for her! 

Ill post again after our appointment on Monday!  With official genders!  And how our appointment went!

Until next time bloggers!  =)

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The Ishum Quads said...

We have two boys and two girls also, although ours were opposite: BGBG. :) So fun!!! And your names a beautiful!