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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Monday, May 21, 2012

16 weeks and counting

Its hard to believe that Sandy is already 16 weeks along...  Alot of things are changing quickly!  Hopefully on May 22nd we find out the genders of our pumpkins... Then we can label them by name instead of A,B,C,D!  Elizabeth has said she wants 3 little sisters and 1 little brother.  We shall see if she is right or not.  Sandy is almost as big as she was when she had Lizzy...  Poor thing is so uncomfy!  The only other change is we broke down and got Lizzy the dog she wanted. We will see how long this last! 
This is a picture of Sandy a week ago! Its crazy that our little ones could be here between 12-16 weeks from now....


Mum of 5 to be said...

Loving the bump - but I'm sure you aren't! I'm now 20 weeks and starting to reach the uncomfortable time. It's very scary that mine could be here in 6 weeks - although I want to keep them in until 35 weeks. Keep those feet up and rest as much as possible.

Manczak-Taft fam said...

Thanks! I am trying to keep propped up as much as possible! They tried to do a gender scan but these little guys/girls kept their legs crossed as much as possible!